Additional Information

for Students

Anyone who has been a student knows that timelines can be short and schedules tight. In order to make our interaction as efficient as possible please let me know the following when you first contact me:


  • your name and email address

  • the type of document and award if relevant eg essay, Master’s dissertation or PhD thesis

  • the subject area

  • the word count

  • the date by which you would like the document returned to you

  • if you would like me to use any system other than tracked changes in Microsoft Word.


Send me a sample of around two thousand words from the middle of your document, or you can send me the whole document if it is short. This will allow me to assess the level of intervention required, how long it will take me to complete the edit and what the fee will be.


You can email me at

Please be aware that most institutions require you to seek permission from your supervising tutor to use an external proofreader in order to avoid collusion.

Please note, as the author, you are responsible for making sure that you are happy with any changes I make over the course of proofreading your text before you submit or publish it.


As a general guide, I will attend to matters of spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency. I will highlight content in which meaning isn’t clear and make suggestions of possible ways to fix this. I will also correct minor formatting issues. 


I won’t rewrite your document for you, make major changes to your layout, check facts or paraphrase published materials for you.


I understand that your work is of great importance to you and that you will have given it a lot of time, effort and thought. I’ll treat your work with respect and help you to make it as clear and effective as I can.